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Seniors and disabled adults do not always receive the care and support they need. Families with elderly and disabled loved ones may be able to find the care they need or receive support as a family caregiver. But it can be challenging to find an organization that can both care for someone and offers the supportive services they need to thrive in the community. Circle of Care St. Louis is on a mission to change this for people in the St. Louis metropolitan area and southeastern Missouri.


Our organization was founded on the belief that people come first and that a person must be supported by receiving comprehensive care. We offer programs across several different areas of focus.


  • Save Our Seniors (SOS): The S.O.S (Save Our Seniors) program seeks to meet the growing needs of low-income seniors by providing case-management, delivering healthy food, toiletries/personal care items, and cleaning supplies each month to the homes.

  • In-Home Services: The in-home care services program encompasses home health medical care, non-medical personal care, and household care provided by experienced licensed staff. Circle of Care St. Louis also provides Consumer Directed Care Services for disabled adults who want to direct their own care and hire their own care workers.

  • Counseling: Circle of Care St. Louis offers counseling to clients and their families because caring for a family or friend is difficult and it’s equally hard to be the person with an illness or disability. Our counseling can occur in the home and the program covers counseling for caregivers, addiction, mental health, bereavement, LGBTQ, individuals, and groups.

  • Elder Abuse Services: Our elder abuse program helps seniors get out of abusive situations by offering emergency shelter and regaining care control through counseling, safety assessments, and teaching about directive care.

St. Louis Region

415 Chez Paree, Suite B 

Hazelwood, MO 63042

Office: (314) 873-3501 

Fax: (314) 328-5604 


Southeast Region

Executive Business Center

5303 Old Cape Road East

Jackson, MO 63755

Office: (573) 328-0562

Fax: (573) 340-1432


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